Craps table: all you need to know

Now almost every online and land-based casino can offer you an exciting and dynamic game – craps or craps online. Moreover, there are a large number of variants of this game, therefore it is important to read the rules and conditions of the game for each version. But there are general rules, rates, goals, and conditions of craps for all variations.

What do you need to know about the game:

  • The number of players at the craps table is not limited.
  • The number of dice is two for a throw.
  • The number of stages is from one to two.
  • craps for beginners

A special craps play table is an integral part of the game. We will talk about the craps table below.

Craps table casino

As we mentioned above, playing craps requires a special large table with rounded corners. Twelve people can play at the mini craps table at the same time, but there are also standard tables where more players can participate.

The edges of the table are high so that the dice can not fall out during the throw. The inner sides are covered by a special material. At the edges of the boards, on the side of the gaming tables Australia where the players stand, special grooves are made with sectors where the participants can put their chips.

The playing field of the casino table is covered with fabric with bet sectors marked on it. The field for bets on the table is divided into 3 parts: two symmetrical basic fields at the edges, and one more between them. Often in the markup of this field, there are symbols for dice in the form of dots and not just numbers. Only the stickman accepts and places bets on this field. Base fields or base – fields for line bets. The casino rules usually allow players to independently place bets on this field.

Best Australian casinos to play craps

If you know all about how to play dice then take a moment to test your skills playing online! Here we will have a look at the best casinos where gamblers can play craps online for real money.

  1. Woo Casino. Here gamblers can choose from more than 300 games. The min. deposit is $300 AUD. Visitors also can get $300 as a bonus.
  2. Play Croco Casino. Another popular Australian online casino where players can enjoy craps and get up to $5000 as a bonus.
  3. King Johnnie. Here players can enjoy more than 700 games from different developers. The min. deposit is $10.
  4. Pokie Parlour Casino offers more than 2100 games and a generous welcome bonus. To play here for money gamblers need to make a deposit (min. deposit is $10).

Of course, there are other casinos where you can play craps. And we advise you to always carefully read the rules of the gambling establishment.

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